Between The Lines

In 2006 in Washington DC, Devin Anderson began hosting boutique exhibitions in a gallery located in the neighborhood of Shaw.

The exhibitions quickly became an avenue for both college students and professionals to discreetly pursue projects that spoke to their passions and curiosities – and patrons that appreciate their gifts .

From these collection of interests, Anderson-Shaw grew into the firm it is now: a boutique agency with a select group of of talent and clients around the world.

Today, Devin and his associates work in between the lines to present models and talent for projects that can’t be shackled to a single niche. They use carefully curated edginess to create experiences that reach an impassioned audience of loyalists.

AS models aren’t just models. They’re students. Professionals. Activists. Artists. Their backgrounds are as varied as the marketplace — and that’s what makes them assets. They bring with them a wealth of experience that isn’t just modeling, but life. We’ve fostered the passions of our talent and built something very special.





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